Open Source multiple accounts client for multiple social networks for Android

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AndStatus is an Open Source multiple accounts client for multiple social networks, including Mastodon, ActivityPub (Client to Server), GNU social and AndStatus can combine your feeds from all networks into one Timeline, and it allows you to read and post even when you are offline.

For Android v.7.0+ devices. Under Free/Libre and Open Source License.


Read the FAQ to help you find information that is not present on this page.

See Change Log for descriptions of all features of AndStatus and links to their discussions.

For more information please see AndStatus readme.


Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid
or Get the source and build it yourself.

If you are willing to test upcoming releases you can join the Open Beta Testing channel at Google Play.


AndStatus is an open project:


You may donate to AndStatus development via its founder/lead developer.